Vueline Roller Shutters

Features and benefits

Total Light Block & Ventilation
Light Control & Ventilation

Total Light Block can be achieved by totally closing the roller shutter curtain or lifting the curtain to adjusting the amount ofl ight you desire. This also allows ventilation while still protecting your valued internal window furnishings & furniture.

Energy Efficient with High Thermal Insulation

Vueline Roller Shutters will save you money, by lowering your energy costs! With a dense Polyurethane foam injected in the curtain slat offering high thermal insulation. In the hot summer months, keeping that hot sun at bay, restricting direct sun rays hitting your glass windows & radiating into your home.

Features and benefits
* Drastically reduce noise
* Deters Intruders
* High Thermal Insulation
* 5 Year Warranty
* Wireless Motor Controls – Lowers installation costs
* Robust Aluminium Profiles – Stronger than many competitors products

Technical Specifications

Profile Slat Covering 40mm
Profile Slat Thinckness 8.5mm
Slat Aluminium Thickness 0.3mm
Maximum Width 3200mm
Maximum Height 2900mm
Maximum Surface Area 7.2m^2
Weight/Metre^2 3kg
Number of slats/metre 25
Bottom Bar 57 x 8mm
Side Rail 60 x 26 x 1.5mm
Axle (coated steel) 60 x 1mm(oct)
Colours White, Cream, Beige

Pelmet Sizes & Maximum Shutter Height

Pelmet Box Size Standard Spring Safe Lock
180mm 1870mm 1590mm
205mm 2900mm 2450mm