Basswood Shutters

Benefits of Shutters are a Stylish New look and are customised and made to measure.
Bayview’s shutters are more than just a window Furnishing.
Designed to function around your needs, will enhance any homes interior.
Flexible enough to sit elegantly in the Lounge & Master Bedroom. & tough enough to withstand kids
rooms and harsh wet areas.

Ultimate light control and Privacy

Each panel can be independently adjusted to filter the light and provide outstanding light control. Allowing natural light in but keeping unwelcome attention out.

The peace and quiet

Adding an additional layer to your glazing, Bayview shutters not only block out light but help reduce noise levels too, making them ideal for that afternoon lay down on the weekend.

Being insulated & economical

Bayview shutters not only keep you cool during the summer, but help retain heat during the winter months. Perfect for reducing those bills.

Any shape fitted perfectly

Bayview shutters can be manufactured to suit all window shapes.
no matter how curved or angled. small or large.

Low maintenance

Bayview shutters are quick and easy to clean and offer a virtually maintenance-free existence – excellent for dust allergy sufferers!


Why traditional Timber Basswood Shutter range is so popular?
Premium Hardwood. Does not dent or crack easily.

5 Year Warranty

High Grade European Timber sourced only from FSC certified Forests.
Valspar brand 2 pack Polyurethane paint.
SGS tested VOC Free.
Painted after assembly to give a seamless elegant finish.
Stained colour range to highlight their natural timber qualities.
The ability to do black and- other dark colours.
Unlimited Framing options.
Engineered joins that are mortise and Tenon, glued and screwed for stronger wider panels.
Versatile and highly customisable.
A solution for every window.
Shapes and custom Colours available.