Care and regular maintenance instructions to preserve integrity and life of your blinds and shutters

General Maintenance

Most blinds simply require regular vacuuming (with an upholstery attachment) in order to keep them in top condition

Stain Removal

To remove wet embedded stains, sponge blind clean with a damp cloth. Use diluted washing liquid in warm water & avoid rubbing the stain. Do not immerse blinds in water.

Spot Cleaning 

Small dry marks may be rubbed off quite effectively with a gum-based eraser (available in most art supply stores). If this fails, use the method described in the paragraph above.

PVC Coated Fabrics

Fabrics are particularly resistant to soiling and can be wiped, or vigorously rubbed with a soft cloth. These fabrics are also more tolerant to detergents than most, and can be treated with more caustic cleaners if absolutely necessary.

Ultrasonic or Dry Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning may lead to fabric shrinkage and/or distortion as it involves complete immersion in water. Read the fabric care label instructions carefully. Do not hand wash if dry cleaning is recommended.

Mould Prevention

Many of our fabrics are impregnated with mould repelling agents, however, under certain conditions even these preventative agents can be rendered ineffective. High levels of humidity inside your house can lead to mould growth on any surface, including your blinds. Mould is most commonly found in areas such as bathrooms, but any room could have a humidity problem When the warm air inside your home comes into contact with the cold glass of your windows, condensation can occur. This can trap a layer of moisture between your windows and your blinds and over time, may lead to the growth of mould. Proper ventilation is the simplest way to reduce humidity levels. However where this is not possible, installing a de-humidifier is a sure way to solve the problem.

If you have any questions regarding the types of fabrics we use for our blinds or want to find out more about our range of blinds and shutters, please contact us for more information.